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Julian Roberts recently returned to Tasmania, having lived and worked in hospitality in London for 15 years. He finds Tasmania even more beautiful than he remembered and was lucky enough to find Brockley available to be run as a little hotel just at the right time.

Chaxiraxi Afonso Higuera, the co-owner, is from Tenerife in the Canary Islands in Spain and for her first 14 years she grew up on her parents’ organic farm. Her mother and grand-mother had a passion for cooking in a traditional way, using their own products, the best organic vegetables, meats, fruits and fresh milk.

Everything was so fresh that it has always stuck in her mind that to experience this again she must return to the countryside. The flavours remained in her memory over the years – such as the taste and texture of her mother’s freshly made cheeses.

Now she has moved to Tasmania with Julian, having worked in the hospitality industry in Spain and the UK and gained a degree in Hotel Management. She would love to share the best of her family’s cooking with our guests and she believes Tasmania has amazing potential – the products and ingredients are of world class quality, many of them unique. She loves using her Spanish cooking skills with Tasmanian artisan products.