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Our regulars may have been wondering why we haven’t posted anything lately – please excuse the tardiness, but we have been very busy and not just with Brockley.

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of our son Ione Jensen Roberts. Ione is pronounced “E-yoh-neh” and, like Chaxiraxi is a Guanche name from Tenerife in the Canary Islands where Chaxi comes from.

He was born on August the 22nd and weighed 3.79kg or 8.6lb in old money.

We’re over the moon and ready to re-open Brockley with our new team of babysitters this Saturday the 4th of October.

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Look who crept into one of the frames for our recent photo shoot of the conservatory. Mimosa is the smallest and least helpful of the pest control team, but she’s very cute and colour co-ordinated too.

Curious Mimosa

Curious Mimosa

Thanks to Manabu Kondo for the amazing photos.




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Aurora Australis visible at Brockley

Last night an aurora was predicted and seen at Brockley. Have a look at this photo taken by Penny, one of our guests at 1:45am. The shot was taken from the hill behind the house just above the convict road.

Aurora Australis at Brockley

Aurora Australis at Brockley



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Julia Lezhneva visits Brockley

We were lucky enough to have Julia Lezhneva, the famous Russian soprano to stay with us for the night en route to Saffire.

Here in Hobart to perform at Hobart Baroque this Sunday the 30th of March, tickets are selling fast so if they haven’t already sold out, get one!

Thanks Leo Schofield for bringing her to us for just one night.

Julia Lezhneva

L to R: Mikhail (Julia’s partner), Leo Schofield, Chaxiraxi Afonso Higuera, Julia Lezhneva

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Our new Pinot Noir area

As our drawing room has never been suitable for drinking red wine or port, we have had a need for an alternative area for our guests to relax elsewhere inside without the fear of disaster that goes with the inevitable spilt red wine.

Think white sofas and a Persian Moghul rug circa 1785, the fact that salt never really works when you need it to and fear of spillage means you can’t relax anyway!

This culminated in a group going to bed early recently- gasp! – rather than risk red wine on the carpet. Kudos for taking our request so seriously.

Well, we’ve taken the feedback on board and come up with a solution. A new area with comfy chairs and a rug that will survive washing if disaster strikes. There are some big cushions for extra seating if all 12 guests feel the urge for some Pinot after dinner.

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This is what happens if you leave the garden gate open at Brockley.


Of course the grass is always greener on the other side. Poor Raymond, we mowed the lawn yesterday unfortunately mate…

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Brockley Estate in the Sunday Tasmanian

An article about Brockley Estate was published on the 29th of December, 2013, in  The Sunday Tasmanian “Lifestyle, Entertainment and Television” supplement.

Under the title “History in the making”, journalist Jessica Howard wrote about one of “the gems waiting to be discovered” in Tasmania.

Front cover The Sunday Tasmanian


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Leo Schofield’s “My Tasmania”, The Mercury, Hobart, 14th December 2013

Read below an extract about Brockley Estate from today’s Mercury written by Leo Schofield.

Why not take advantage of an easy Christmas gift idea – get in contact with us for a voucher for a night at Brockley with some traditional Spanish cuisine. We still have availability before Christmas, or from the middle of January.

Leo Schofield excerpt from "My Tasmania" article from The Mercury (Hobart) 14-12-2013

Leo Schofield excerpt from “My Tasmania” article from The Mercury (Hobart) 14-12-2013


Leo Schofield "My Tasmania" article from The Mercury (Hobart) 14-12-2013

Leo Schofield “My Tasmania” article from The Mercury (Hobart) 14-12-2013

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Rhododendrons are out!


Ah, Rhododendrons, if only we’d known earlier that possums hate eating you, we would have planted more. Lovely colour too.

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Saffron Harvest in Buckland

This is the beautiful saffron from Isabella in Buckland. How lucky I am to be able to cook with such amazing quality. If you would like to try some delicious traditional Spanish dishes with local saffron please book at Brockley Estate.

Or if you want to learn how to cook with it and other essential Spanish ingredients, you can book a cooking course here: https://www.brockleyestate.com.au/spanish-cooking-classes/

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