The Corinda Collection

This includes two of Australia’s most unusual small hotels.  But there’s much, much more:

The Corinda Experience, Hobart

Perched right next to Hobart`s CBD and boasting far reaching views over the harbour and Domain, this unique house is ideally placed for visits to MONA, Salamanca Place and the museums, as well as for shops and restaurants in the bustling city centre.

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Corinda’s Cottages, Hobart

You can rent one of these all to yourself, picturesquely placed in Corinda’s spectacular period garden:
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Corinda Contemporary, Hobart

Also in our huge garden, but quite different in style, these state-of-the-art pavilions are the perfect prelude to MONA:
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Brockley Estate, Buckland

Set in the midst of a 10,000 acre Merino wool property, only an hour`s drive away on Tasmania`s lovely East Coast, Brockley homestead dates from 1841 and is furnished, like Corinda, with priceless original antiques.  Famous for fine dining and magnificent local wines, the property is perfectly located for Maria Island, home to the unique Tasmanian Devil.
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