Built in 1841, Brockley is a spacious stone Colonial homestead situated on 10,000 private acres. The house is a unique example of its period and its rooms tell a story of Tasmanian history over the past 170 years.

The homestead is furnished throughout with genuine antiques, many of them precious Tasmanian pieces.

Brockley is within easy reach of the pristine beaches of Tasmania’s East coast, Freycinet and Maria Island National Parks.

Our cellar is stocked with a selection of highly prized wines from local vineyards, renowned for their cool-climate sublety and charm. Enjoy a unique experience and share a table of authentic Spanish cuisine cooked by Chaxi, co-owner and chef from the Canaries.

The convict built stage coach road, now disused and part of the property, runs from the front door of the house to Orford, eight kilometres away. Enjoy a stroll and keep an eye out for convict-built culverts, retaining walls and other evidence of the original works.

Individual rooms are available to book, or if you’re travelling as a group why not book the whole house?

Brockley is beautifully maintained and in fantastic original condition – so many old houses unfortunately have been transformed beyond recognition. Not so with Brockley; all the original native hardwood floors are present as well as the original woodwork and fireplaces. A fascinating house to walk around and explore.